Face Analysis with Natalie

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What does your face say about you?

I've been reading faces for the last 10 years since I completed my training in Psychosomatic Therapy. I've helped people in Australia and around the world understand what makes them unique and master their gifts with clarity and confidence. To find out more about face reading, visit my website here: 


** What's Included **

  • A 30-minute Face Analysis session with Natalie, including a detailed analysis of your facial features, structure, shape, lines, left-right symmetry
  • A left-right face split photo for you to keep
  • An audio + video recording of your session

** How It Works **
We'll meet via online video so I can see your face clearly. You'll receive a recording of your face analysis. Further instructions are outlined in the PDF download once you make your payment.

Please note, prices are in US dollars. Upon checkout you have the option of choosing to pay via credit card or Paypal.

I hope to see your face soon!

Natalie xo

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Face Analysis with Natalie

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