Creator Types 101 ~ 3-Part Online Training

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Creator Types 101 ~ 3-Part Online Training

Natalie Kent ~ Inventor of Creator Types
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3-Part Training (Instant Access)

Whether you've been loving the Creator Types for a while now or you're a complete newbie, these trainings are going to illuminate your natural creation style like never before! 

In this interactive series, you will enhance your natural magnetism (let's make you irresistible shall we?), understand your natural creation style (yes, there is always more to learn!) and you'll be empowered with tools to get yourself out of a funk and into flow on command.


~ Identify the ‘in flow’ and ‘out of flow’ characteristics of your nature including:

  • The key body features to look for in each Type
  • Where the creative power of each type tends to stagnate
  • How to create flow with physical changes for each Type


~ Learn how each Creator Type naturally creates money flow including:

  • What motivates each Type to create
  • Their main challenge & tendencies when under stress
  • Their balance point & strategies to create money by their nature


~ Understand how different Creator Types can complement your natural way of creating including:

  • How the Creator Types show up in relationships
  • The unique power of certain Creator combinations
  • How to communicate with different Types with ease and clarity

Who Is This Workshop For?

Anyone who wants to learn about themselves and how to harness their natural creative power and channel it into a relationship, project or passion. This workshop is ideal for business owners who want to increase their marketability, people who want to improve their communications in business or relationships and especially for those working in the field of personal development or health and wellness.

No prior knowledge is required. However, you need to know at least ONE of your primary Creator Types. To find out your two Primary Types and your two Balancer Types, simply add Creator Constitution to your purchase.

// OPTIONAL EXTRAS // Select & purchase at checkout

Creator Constitution for a full 12-page profile (save $100 if you add to your order)

Creator Combo for couples and business partners (Xmas special 25% off)


Natalie xo

PS - If you are interested in diving deep into the Creator Types system so you can use it in your work with clients (yes, that includes being able to Type other bodies!), the Creator Types Level 1 Training will be held in 2020 in Australia. Stay tuned at Sacred Business.

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3 x video recordings + other resources

Class #1 ~ Body
Class #2 ~ Money
Class #3 ~ Relationships
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