EBook ~ Natural Cycle Planning For Business

Natalie Kent ~ Inventor of Creator Types
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This product is available to you at the price that feels good to you. I call it Pay From Your Heart - you choose a dollar amount that makes you feel grateful, empowered and abundant. So close your eyes and intuitively ask what number feels good and makes you smile. There's no minimum or maximum amount!


The new and improved Natural Cycle Planner is now in workbook format! Get the most out of this planner by writing or typing your intentions and actions for each cycle. When you start charting and tracking your business activities using this Planner, you won't want to plan without it again. It's the simplest planning tool I use for maximum impact in my own business with no extra effort or resources needed!

You will receive:

  • 1 x fillable PDF Eclipse Planner page
  • NEW printable 12-Cycle Milestones page and 3 pages to help you nut out and schedule your milestones for the year
  • NEW edition 70+ page instruction ebook on how to use the natural cycles in your business, including advice on seasonal cycles and eclipses AND the Creator Types!


Please note:

*Payments are processed in US dollars.

*All files can be downloaded as soon as you make your intuitive payment.

Here's to your natural cycle success!

Natalie xo

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EBook ~ Natural Cycle Planning For Business

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